Salmon pasta bake and chocolate donuts…

The title actually tasted a lot better than it sounds! So today was another break (it seems that this year has started off with an awful lot of breaks, lets hope that’s not a sign of the rest of the rest of the year!); I went out to town with S, who I’ve not seen nor spoken to for what feels like an eternity! I took my Pandy 😉 (My car!) and it was fun, well actually it was nice – we had a good catch up, a lot of serious topics were discussed in ‘Pizza Hut’ – hence the Salmon pasta bake; yikes that was too filling!

Well, my reason for going out shopping was for the post-Christmas returns/exchanges; but I couldn’t find what I wanted and so had to go out  to another store on the other side of the city (it was worth it, that jumper is to die for!!). Well, there was a Tesco there and so being that my mum was with me; there was no reason in the world not to go in – here’s where the chocolate donuts come in (yum!). I feel like I’m running out of things to say; perhaps this is why I’m not great at writing – I tend to be able to summarise pretty much everything very quickly; either that or currently I have nothing interesting going on. But hey, who knows I start back at Uni next week, so here’s to all that crazy workload!

PS: Shipra won MasterChef India 2 (I sort of found out accidently when I tried Googling masterchef recipes!)

Until next time…


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