The Barrel Cortex…

Well, it’s Tuesday today; and it wasn’t until half way through the day that I realised that it’s not in fact Monday. I set myself up to go in Uni nice and early today (8.30am) being that the library is now finally open. But, sleep seemed to be more important to me, well at least only 8 mins of it! Because I was just about to start drifting off again, when H calls – we talked for over an hour and so getting some extra sleep was well and truly out of the question. I really do feel for her, considering all the drama that is going with her and her family; I am really glad that I don’t have any drama going on, my life is stressful enough – but at a level that I enjoy 😀

Anyway, so I was almost at a point where I almost didn’t go in to the library today; but I knew that I had to go in today, after all it’s my lectures that need to be done not anyone else’s. So I realised that my flask was left at home along with my laptop charger, so I drove home (not too far) to pick it up; but it was raining like, all the clouds in the sky were trying to wring themselves dry. It scared me a little to drive in all that rain, especially considering the tiniest of drops would cause a THUD on my car! Anyway, so I get to the University expecting the parking to still be free; it wasn’t. That was strike one. So it’s still pouring down like hell has broken loose and the car park is a good walk away, I get inside the library and all of a sudden it feels different – there are people here. That was strike two. I forced myself to get on with it, but there was too much going on and I lost interest in my work (in all honesty, I never truly had interest in this particular lecture probably because I don’t like the lecturer – my tutor) and so in the almost 4 hours I spent sitting in the library I was unable to get through even that one lecture! Strike three, and I was out.

The weather seemed a lot better; but time was running short, I had to get home within half an hour to stand a chance for Zuhr salaah. So I’m driving and everything is just peachy; in fact it seemed at one point near the A45 that the sun was about to come out. But as soon as I got past the train station; it was as if someone had let a storm loose.  Speedy winds, heavy rain and branches all merged into a fog like appearance out to get all the drivers on the roads. I admit that at this point I was definitely cringing and screaming inside my head, because metal and wind doesn’t sound pleasant. So I get back to my Nan’s (aka where I live :D) and I find a space just outside the front door, I barely remove my outer clothes and run to do wudhu and make it in the nick of time! And then since then I have been anything but productive; managing to finish notes on one lecture and have started on the next…so that brings me back to the title, The Barrel Cortex. I should probably get back to that. Rodent, whiskers and neurons; delightful!


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