Like donuts but with rigor mortis.

I knew I was forgetting something! Looking at the title of the blog; it’s making me regret eating those two donuts today! Well, as I’m sat here at this time; I’m compelled to think about the several times my alarm woke me up this morning and also the times I had turned it back off and fallen asleep! So, I ended up waking at 11am; which made today feel incredibly short lived and therefore pointless. I tried getting some more of my lecture notes out of the way, but I suck at stopping myself from getting distracted and so as usual I barely got any work done (cue sad song). I actually got an email back from my PPI question and was pleased to know that 3/4 questions I had regarding my lecture modules have been answered.

I ought to quit ‘Lady Popular’ but somehow I’m inclined to go on it; perhaps because I’m a serial procrastinator and I’ll do everything possible to get distracted. Even now, I’m flipping screens (damn it! Must learn to get myself a grip). So the bottom line is; I’m feeling sleepy, I’m getting distracted by Lady Popular, I’ve yet to construct my 2012 calender (I only like my hand made one!), I need to get myself a new appointment diary and I have a million (only feels like a million) lectures to write up – the Subfertility lecture is giving me an evil look right now.

So far the year seems to be a tad overwhelming, especially since my request for Leicester medical school to tell  me why I had an unsuccessful from them resulted in being sent a useless automated message! And my wait for Liverpool is killing me. I truly at am crossroads with my future; I know what I want but it seems that ‘destiny’ wants its own way; I really don’t care as long as I eventually end up where I want to be.

I’m going to head to bed after starting the lecture, Subfertility is still staring at me!

(The title is in reference to something I read today, which described bagels as such!)



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