Ok, it seems that I’ve made a habit of saying ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m sleepy’. But, seriously I can’t say very much else; because I truly am very tired. You know how I’d said that I’d be getting to bed after writing the blog yesterday, well…that didn’t happen, it ended up being closer to midnight before I actually went to bed and fell asleep. I’ve just realised the impending doom of all my lecture notes not forgetting my project! I seriously cannot wait until I’m back at uni, where I can get back to some sort of routine; rather than just staying at home staring at my lecture notes not being productive 😦

Well, I’ve no longer been occupied by Lady popular…as much, now instead I’ve been hooked by a new blog I’ve come across (I’d link it here but have no idea how, and no real want to find out either!). The blog is ridiculously funny, it’s called ‘A cartoon guide to becoming a doctor’ –

So, after reading through a significant number of the blogs recalling the author’s experience and the numerous pages received from ALL healthcare staff. Now this got me thinking, I’ve been getting beeps all the time when I come to think of it – by none other than my mother! Dear lord! I’ll be sitting finally getting on with my revision where I’ll get several phone calls (and I have to jump and skip through the piles of lecture notes I have all over the place to reach the phone) from my mum, sometimes for the silliest reasons such as ‘did you watch that baby pulling a funny face on tv?’ I mean really mum??? Oh well, I suppose even I’m a little as such after all I can’t do much about my genetic make up now can I?

Well, I’m trying to get through another lecture by my tutor. I’ve barely passed the first page in the last 5 hours!! (Honestly time is going at a pace that I can’t even begin to evaluate!). I was going to cut this short, but I seem to be going on and on; so I’ll cut to the chase – basically I’m a serial procrastinator who needs to get myself away from distractions and focus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the title is in reference to something I revised today 🙂


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