A 24hr bug, bad milk and dreams of food!

Ok, so my reason for not writing a post yesterday is simple; I was sick (physically!) and had a killer headache (migraine – not had one in years). But, as I’ve mentioned it was only a 24hr thing aggravated by intense sunshine (I think I may be a photophobe! or a Vampire?) whilst driving mum to Asda. The fact that the store was packed out did not help at all, too many people = sick me! So after I get back home, I try lying down in the hope that perhaps that may help; but I guess it just made things worse and so I was sick – lesson I learnt from that was that ‘don’t have bad milk especially when you know it’s bad!’ I then tried to eat something but was deterred by all sorts of food, no sooner had I put it in my mouth and tried to swallow a paracetamol that I had to run to the bathroom (bare foot!) and be sick all over again. I had only an orange holding me together for about 6 hrs, followed by a gummy worm and then half a banana. That sort of made start liking food again, or rather stopped me from hating the stuff. But mum had made steak for dinner (yes steak!) and pizza, I literally only had pizza crust and a minuscule piece of steak; otherwise be shouted at. After taking a couple of doses of aspirin I felt much better and heck I’m a lot better now too!

So, Saturday; I’d planned to go to uni today and get lots done but that was thwarted by my sudden change in health, and so I’m left with a pile of work that needs to be complete in less than 48hrs.  My cousin came back from her 2 week holiday; so my mum insisted that we go and see her. She didn’t look all that different to me, but I guess my eyesight is deteriorating so what do I know! She started going through her holiday pics with us and believe me there were plenty; it was nice to know that she’d fun; difficult to do with my moody family members! She seemed to erm, be a completely different person there – a lot more wild than she usually is, and seeming to have a lot of fun too. Yuck! (Yes, I’m still grossed out!)

Well, anyway bottom line is that she had fun, and had tons of amazing food; which got me thinking – I ought to go and eat some of that too! Yum! Indian food is amazing, and Indo-chinese is the best…I really want some 😦

Not only did we see my cousin, but we also got to see her brother’s son too! He’s so gorgeous and looks amazing with his four little teeth when he smiles!  Just like the baby from ‘Baby’s day out’! I saw him crawling for the first time today; he was going all over the place!

Anyway it’s late and I’m sleepy; so let me go off and dream of ‘Hakka Noodles’ yum!!!


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