# It’s just another shiny iPhone #

The title would’ve been a lot different, had I not just watched an advert for the 4S! Yes; I realise that my plans of writing a daily blog have so far flopped…miserably! But I honestly can’t be blamed, because that ’24 hour bug’ that I thought I’d had was…is actually now a nasty cold – I guess the migraine was a sign of my immune system beginning to crack!! So, as you can imagine; I’ve spent the last week and a bit feeling horrible and breathing through my mouth (more horrible) and having Uni all at the same time (even more horrible). So naturally the blog has been pushed back every minute possible, as like my plans of revising and going over my project (clenching fists and teeth!) and now…the stupid seminar topic has been given too! Ok, now on top of all of this add my worst nightmare (in my top ten) to the mix and there you go that’s the rest of my year.

(deep breath) It’s beginning to sound like a rant! Let’s go back to happy thoughts (too much mucus in my nose…yuck) I have a day off Uni today 😀 And instead of working, I’m sitting here in the living room in my pyjamas watching ‘Come Dine with Me’ – it’s an episode I’ve already seen, and it took me halfway through watching it to realise that. I’m such a procrastinator that I’m still watching it and occasionally staring at my laptop screen displaying the papers I ought to be reading. So, just another day going by…it’s unbelievable to think that  I literally only have 8 weeks until I’m done with being in lectures and then come the dreaded exams. I feel like just pausing time and catching my breath back – the fact I can’t breathe through my nose doesn’t help (see what I did there? Fine, I’ll tell you – I combined a metaphor with reality!). But seriously, there is so much buzzing through my head right now; I need to get a job? But I can’t do anything about that just yet because I’ve still not heard back from Liverpool…so I’m just hanging. I also need to revise, but I’m too afraid that I’m going to exhaust myself again and then be exactly where I am! And I need to get my work experience abroad to sort out too but can’t because I have no idea what’s going on! Welcome to the crazy world of a  final year student.

PS. In case it’snot been noticed; my daily blog is now a weekly blog…I hope! Oh yeah, I’m not so hot on the new iPhone or any iPhone for that matter (my dad is though).


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