The world’s most silent keyboard…well, it is to me

Right, so following on from my rant last time about being ill – I sadly have nothing terribly new to add! Except that I’m now partially deaf, my cold has been quite excessive the last few days and that along with the fact that my immune system is on holiday has meant that my ears (yes both, initially the left and now right as well) are now deprived of sound and they hurt too! I had a meeting with L last Friday (pre-deafness) which she’d called me at 10.30am and then when I went she had students there so called me back at 12pm. Luckily I wasn’t completely pissed off because I wasn’t going to miss any prayers. So I went back to the computer room and tried to read through some more papers for my project. I went back to L, and we had literally a 5 min conversation and that was it! But, it was most definitely very useful. I told her that I wasn’t very happy about getting a 2.1 (I know I’m whining about a good grade, but I know it could’ve been better) in my initial report; but she told me not to worry as she’ll be the one marking it not C! I also asked her about how much I should be doing in terms of the project, and she told me that ideally I should be looking at doing around 30% of my working hours on that and really be focusing on revising (I totally agree).

However, instead of being able to successfully revise (I read a paper for MAHD) I’m sitting here in pain (cue frowny face) not being able to hear. I pushed myself to go to a lecture yesterday and despite sitting in the front row, I couldn’t hear the lecturer (it was surreal, I felt as if I wasn’t actually there!). I hate when I’m ill, because I rarely ever get ill; so it really pushes my buttons knowing that I’m not a 100% and so that means I can’t focus on anything! My mum’s got me a doctor’s appointment, I’d prefer to just wait this out;but I suppose I can’t afford to waste time. It’s just that I haven’t actually been to the doctor’s in almost 2 years, and besides the doctor is new and apparently very annoying. Oh well, I guess I have to face my dizziness and go to the silly doctor’s (yes, I’m the same person who wants to become a doctor,  just not a GP).

I’m sure the title is self explanatory.

EDIT (5.59pm): This is just too epic not to put up. Ok, so I’ve just come back from an incredibly isolated GP surgery (not sure what that really says) and I honestly want to piss myself laughing! So it’s clear that I have a viral infection inflaming my Eustachian tubes so hence the weird hearing loss (I already knew this, hence the reason why didn’t want to go) but it was amazing hearing the doctor trying to tell me everything in laypeople terms! But…he made a critical mistake (had he not done this, I would’ve just about liked him) he prescribed me antibiotics!!!!! He even said himself that what I have is viral! What the hell is wrong with him; I’ve literally just chucked the prescription, I am not paying to kill off my healthy bacteria! I can’t believe that despite being a full time student I still have to pay…aaaahhhh to be Welsh!


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