Piperacillin and Leo-bactam

Ok, so my mind is plagued with B lactam antibiotics! I’ve spent the entire last week (almost) researching for my pre-presentation tutorial on ‘Evolution of B Lactamase’ only to have my tutor cancel the night before (fab!). I know that blog-day is usually a Tuesday, but I was almost a zombie the most part of the week for the reason mentioned above. I managed to look at a few sites online, which sort of helped me focus my presentation a little; but my saviour was was a chapter of a book ‘Antibiotic Discovery and Development’ (I love you Google Books! God am I sad!!!). So basically, reading the chapter has made it apparent to me what I need for my presentation which I need to give in 4 weeks! Oh and the whole reason why I was obsessing about the presentation needing to be absolutely perfect, is no longer a reason anymore (I’m sort of happy-sad). But I’m a lot more focused now, and my magic number has definitely helped to reinforce that (74% – what I need to pull my grade up to a first!), and I made a list of things that need to be done by this time next week; but it’s not going terribly great 😦

On to better and brighter things! Reading week is approaching (well, it starts tomorrow) and that means that the library will be nice and empty (well I hope it is); and considering that the first group revision meeting didn’t actually go ahead (it was too cold to go to the library,  and my car was closer – so home it was!) I’m hoping that this week may be different. I literally only have 8 slides left of my last lecture of MAHD (modern approaches to human disease) so I JUST need to get on with it really. I honestly cannot believe it’s February, it’s not long until exams come knocking and I can assure you that I am not nearly as ready as I would like. Oh and yeah in case I’ve not already mentioned this, my plans for medicine have been pooped on; so try again this October (damn that is not long away!). I’ve been trying to apply to jobs that I genuinely wouldn’t hate doing but I’ve got any responses so far 😦 And the whole volunteering in India thing is waiting for the last nail to be hammered into the coffin – it’s around a 90% no at the moment but then who knows what can happen?

That last paragraph, ended on a bit of a downer so on a more positive note; I went to see Warwick’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast yesterday – it was phenomenal! I’d booked the tickets around a month for my little sister and I (she’s now a woman!!! Welcome to adulthood – she got her first last night…awwww!) because I love theatre – always have! I’m definitely very lucky to have the Arts Centre on my doorstep! I must admit that I was apprehensive at first because it was going all done by students even the music!  But after walking around the university for an hour trying to decide when and where we were going to eat (from the Art Centre cafe but at the prayer hall – heck of a lot quieter there) we went into the auditorium at just 15 mins till the start. The orchestra  was practicing and sounded terrible, and I thought to myself ‘Oh God! This is going to be disastrous’. But then then the announcement to turn our phones off came on and the what we heard next was truly  breathtaking! They played as good as any professional but they had an extra thing which I can’t just put my finger on! And on top of that, one of the performers (trumpet girl) was actually a bio person! The actors were unbelievable, they really put all a lot of professionals to shame! The costumes and sets were AMAZING! Everything was so animated. The only real fault I could find; was that Gaston’s tights had split at his crotch during one of his numbers, but it was really entertaining (you could see he was wearing briefs not boxers! Yikes!!). I loved it a lot, and feel sad that next year I’ll no longer be a Warwick student but that definitely won’t put me off going there! Can’t wait to go and see something else now!

And the last part I want to share is that my cousin’s wife had a girl last night (11th Feb) hehehe the same day my little sister became a woman! Yeay!


PS. The title is a reference of B lactam antibiotics and Charmed! I love Leo!! 😀


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