Streptococcus pneumoniae and the world.

I’m going to keep this one relatively short. As the title indicates, my mind is currently plagued with this bacterium! I have an assessed presentation on Friday; at first it didn’t seem daunting at all in fact, it was quite literally the opposite, but now the tables have seemed to turn on me. I feel a little bit ‘unprepared’ but in my opinion I think I’ve done all that I can. I’m trying not to over-think it, but knowing me…well lets just say that’s easier said than done.

On a different note; I was recently in touch with my cousin last week, who I’ve not spoken to since…(still thinking)…(now scratching head)…I can’t remember, maybe Christmas? It may not seem that bad, but considering we both just live a few minutes walk away, it seems slightly odd. But more odd was the fact that when we spoke it was like we’d never stopped speaking the whole time – there was no awkwardness which was nice. Just remembering all the times I’ve ran into people and family who I’ve not seen in a while and had nothing to talk about…I say people and not friends because, if you’ve not spoken to someone in months and had absolutely no form of contact, are you still friends or just acquiantances? Damn it! I’m trying to write this whilst watching ‘Jamie Oliver’s 30 min meals’ – I really want to eat mac and cheese now!!!

Just remembered, that I’d said I’d make it short. So all in all, I’ve got my presentation to do this Friday, the first group revision meet tomorrow at 11am, the rest of my revision to complete, starting back on my seminar and then finally revising. Let’s see how far I get with that. Until next time 🙂


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