I don’t have a decent B lactam!

Right, first thing first – I realise that it has been WAY too long since I last wrote my blog entry, but I do have a valid reason(s). Firstly, I was down on internet access at my nan’s house and so I’ve been distracted by perfecting and refining my seminar presentation which happened 2 days ago on Thursday (my second reason). Well, now that I have my 6 CATS out of the way, I feel a lot more better about finally giving my exam revision the focus it needs.

The fact that it has been so long since I last wrote; I’m having a difficult time filling in the gaps (I feel like some chronic alcoholic who frequently spaces out and has no recollection of anything).

… I started writing this on Saturday, and it’s now Monday, almost afternoon! I am purely completing this out of utter shame for not having finished it during the weekend and I am now at the library in the super silent area feeling compelled to go on! It may seem that at this particular moment in time, writing a blog is almost out of the question; but I really have enjoyed this style of writing and if it means publishing my posts far more apart then so be it, but I defo want to continue.

(Just reading the top part of the blog…) Well, having completed my seminar I feel like I can finally put focus where it belongs, my exams. But since I was heavily distracted over the weekend by a sudden reemerging interest in playing Runescape (blame my brother), it seems exam focus starts today. I have my exam timetable now and it has definitely put things slightly more into focus although I am not thrilled about having all of my 6 exams done in 4 days of which I have 3 in a day! To be honest, more than anything I’ve realised that these are potentially my last ever days at Warwick; and it sucks! I hate that I am not continuing my education the way I planned and imagined; but more importantly I hate that I am having to do a Gap year – one which I currently do not have any plans for (it sounds nothing like me).

I wasn’t trying to make  this a rant, but it seems like my bottled frustration has just lost its cap. As I mentioned before, I feel as though other than my seminar (which I put a lot of effort into and so C’s assumption that I have a ‘good first’ is almost certainly justified) I can’t really recall much else. My penultimate rotavirus lecture is beckoning to be finished off. I have this incredibly glamorous plan to complete all 5 modules remaining in the next  2 weeks; I’ll say how I get on!

B Lactams away! (Not sure why I wrote that).


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