The possibility that improbability is actually impossibility

I am honestly going to keep this one fairly short (let’s see if I can stick to umm 400 words). So the internet problem is defo going to bite me in the backside and in the same manner it’s also a really good thing, wish the same could be said about television (now my biggest distraction).

So, I’m in the silent study area in the library (my new place of semi-residence), and I have downloaded a countdown timer which is intimidating me (I have a little over 30 days and 11 mins before my finals start). I think that I have just realised that I am going for the impossible in trying to complete my revision in the next 8 days; I mean seriously! This is seeming more and more improbable by the day (notice I don’t say impossible, only because I don’t think it’d be fair to write myself off).

I wonder if anyone else is struggling to get things done; I have been working in the library for just over 4hrs and I have only managed to go over nearly 3 lectures (actually it’s not that bad) and I have another 7 more to go to reach my ‘improbable’ target for this week! I can’t even say to myself that I wished I had  started earlier, because I did – maybe I should have started last year! So I have 30 days to regurgitate and memorise 120hrs + additional reading. Likely impossible (yes, I am using this word) don’t you think?

I think I’m done now! And well under my word count =D


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