Oh how I hate the vending machine…number 24, I’m out to get you!

Ok, so I quite literally just put in some money into a vending machine hoping to get a packet of Minstrels out, but instead the stupid packet got stuck in the loop thing, I mean seriously what the hell!!! I then followed the instruction on the machine in case something like this should happen (I should’ve taken the hint and have assumed that this is a common occurrence)  and went to the library cafe only to have them tell me that they don’t have refund money for the machine and that I should come back later in the week – I live 7 miles away and so getting back later in the week or at any point requires some effort.

But the truth is I don’t really care for the refund I just wanted the packet of chocolates to give me a sugar craze whilst I sit here in a fairly warm and relatively clammy environment struggling to focus and get some work done (only managed one and a  half  lectures so far, is that any good?). And I can’t seem to rid that fact that I’ve been ripped off (I feel I’ve heard that already today??) and it’s not like I’m going to come tomorrow as the man whom I called up suggested (once again not for the money, the MINSTRELS!!) because I have to go with my bro’s to their school thing as my parents are going to be out of town. I wish I could say that there’s new stuff going on but really it’s only just exam stress and the fact that my brain is no longer retaining nor absorbing a single bit of information – I truly think information overload is to blame.

We’ll on the bright side H is getting married this weekend (and I still don’t have a wedding present for her, but mum maybe on to something =D) and in three weeks time I’ll have my first exam and in 4 weeks time I’ll be all done with exams and onto the project.

Nazra Queen away.


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