A wedding, a reunion and a lack of work

The title was meant to sound a lot better than that; but it seems that I should ideally save my brain power (so-called) for revision – which everyone seems to be on top of except me! I still have 15+ lectures to cover and I have no idea how! I met up with my friends this morning in the library and I (forgot my stupid notes) was completely lost with most of the things that we ended up discussing i.e. doing exams questions in a brainstorm.

They’ve already started answering exam questions! And I’m still writing up my notes (I’m on the 1st floor in the library today because there isn’t a single seat in my usual spot! Honestly you’d think that with it being Easter, most people would be at home!!) It feels like I’m never going to finish; and the fact that I only have 12 days to go is depressing me actually only 10 because I’m on work exp 2 days next week, I know stupid!). I really really just want to get through all of my revision so I can barge through all the exam questions I possibly can!

On a slightly happier note, H got married! It’s weird to think that another of my friends is married; especially one that can’t stand buses or wet hair. But her wedding was really sweet and I just hope she’s happy. Kind of gets you thinking doesn’t it?

The reunion reference is to the fact that a lot of people (mainly the groom’s posse were ex-classmates of mine – ones whom I had no intention on wanting to see either).


EDIT: I didn’t end up going on the work experience!


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