A way for my brain to become a storage box and not a sieve? Any ideas?

I’m going to keep this one short, I wasn’t actually going to post until the exams are over but I figure I couldn’t resist and this is just one more way of procrastinating (not particularly a good thing). So I’ve currently completely gone over Immunology, Oncology and MAHD (although I was just sleeping with my eyes open for the stroke section) and partially gone over IDH (I hate parasites); so that leaves 2 more modules in 2 days (+ 3hrs; although I’m not sure that’s reassuring). Time has ticked away a lot faster than I could’ve possibly have imagined and I’m still trying to figure out why I’m not done yet!

I realise that I have a lack of full stops in the bit above, but you see my brain is a sieve and it seems not to like full stops (except here.)

(11.53am – Feeling very nauseous, must remember not to drink anymore tea or coffee for that matter – yikes my head hurts and it’s not just because of my incredibly tiny handwriting)

(11.57am – Just thought I’d add that there’s this weird creepy guy sitting opposite me in the library, he’s not doing any work just staring at people…I think he’s staring at me too, although I’m not looking at him so I wouldn’t know. I’m not sitting in the quiet study area, kinda wish I did now. OMG he has a friend! They’re talking now…I should probably stop the live commentary)


2 thoughts on “A way for my brain to become a storage box and not a sieve? Any ideas?

  1. nazraqueen says:

    I hate revising!


  2. […] that feels traumatic (unless of course I find myself repetitively thinking about it…luckily, my mind is like a sieve); but that often leaves me pondering if I ever experience anything? Feeling overwhelmed […]


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