And it’s all over from here onward…

Now I’ve said this quite literally every year, but this time I definitely mean it. I know that I have so totally failed! Exams were absolutely miserable, and they feel more and more miserable as I sit here thinking about them 😦

I guess the only hope I can take is that it’s over, the agonising turmoil of having 6 exams in 4 days is over. And that means that I need to now turn my attention to the things ahead, mainly my final year dissertation.

E. coli O157, this is my focus from now until June 13th. I need to do well otherwise things are over. You know that feeling that you get when you just know something bad is going to happen, well that feeling is now off the charts. It’s hard not to think about the last few days and think ‘crap’. But I have to try and somewhat be positive (still frowning) and here all I can say is Pathetic Fallacy! The weather has been miserable, and freezing may I add (it’s April and as I have posted before we’ve had snow and hailstones have been frequent).

All I can say now is I sure hope that E. coli can help me out, being that my supervisor is vicious when it comes to advise and critique. The only thing I have now is the little bugger (hehe get it?).

I’ll try to be a bit more positive from now on, but I thought it was important to be able to shed out how I’ve been feeling from exams (and it’s only been 3 days).

PS. One year anniversary of the future King and Queen of Great Britain!


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