Bright and Yellow!

I am physically so exhausted, even though it’s been almost 20hrs since my open day shift ended. Open day was awesome; I really love being a student ambassador, it’s such a nice feeling talking to people and answering queries. I am proud to wear my bright yellow t-shirt (enhanced by the sudden sunshine seen yesterday). But despite having an awesome day; I am literally all systems down. I had a lot of walking, running around and climbing stairs to do yesterday; but it was well worth it. I love the fact that I was the only really experienced person at G Hill and so that meant I was in charge! FUN!!!

Onto less fun things, my project. If I’m honest it’s not all bad, but I really wish I had been more forward with my work already; I want to  be well on my way with my dissertation and my added component (not really made life easy for myself, I’ve decided to produce a leaflet and do a presentation to…primary school children?!!). I can’t wait until I’ve got everything done and out of the way! Then I have to revise for my UKCAT and prepare for graduation literally days later and then a few more days later I’m leaving for a 5 week holiday. It seems at this moment in time I have a lot to get through.

At least it’s keeping me distracted from thinking about my exam results 😦


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