The burden of the evolution of O157

It’s particularly annoying when you sit down wanting to start writing, but then you can’t. I’ve always been the type of person who has found it incredibly hard to get going, but once I’m on that train of thought, I’m on for good. So to distract myself at this particular moment with nothingness is incredibly foolish but then again, I can’t quite help myself.

I wrote up a plan for my project, which is literally a life saving thing I did back during Christmas; but then I even managed to divide up my plan into somewhat less intimidating sections over a period of a week i.e. I need to get certain sections done by a particular day. So I’m 2 whole sections behind. The only thing that I can blame my lack of focus on is the stupid primary school where I’m supposed to do my presentation! They keep passing me along like a frisbee, and I’ve called at least 6 times and emailed my message as well and left my number with them a million times but no response! I’m tempted to look for another school where I can do my presentation (why did I have to do a presentation!!!! Why!!!!). I just hope that everything works out, because at this point in time the future of my final year project looks bleak.

PS. My project is based on the emergence of E. coli O157 as a pathogen 🙂


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