Darn it Runescape!

I didn’t picture myself saying this, and definitely not now. I have a 12000 word dissertation due in less than two weeks and I’ve only managed to do a little over 6000 words (none of which I truly am happy about!) and all I can do is play on the multiplayer online game – Runescape!!! I mean come on! I’m an almost 21 year old GIRL who is due to graduate soon and I’m playing a game that is just…(well it is fun, but so tedious) stupid! I think I need help, I just thought I should say that before someone else does.

Now it’s off to be Nazra Queen again 😦


One thought on “Darn it Runescape!

  1. […] Popular, only because I don’t even remember my log in details. That’s right, ‘Darn it, Runescape‘. I’m so bored, I can’t even feel ashamed […]


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