Fear sucks…

I’m going to keep this relatively short because as the title may suggest, fear is striking up in my possibly furred up arteries.

Before I go on and delve in self doubt and anxiety (although there really isn’t any need for either), I just wanna shout out to the ‘Ecstasy drugs trial’ whose results were aired live on Channel 4. As a scientist, I really think that making awareness of clinical trials in this manner was great; especially because they explored the potentially therapeutic uses of MDMA. I think there should definitely be more funding for clinical trials of such calibre, although I question putting anything like it on tv, because I honestly believe that it may cause confusion. But that’s just my opinion!

Anywho, back to my turmoil. Fear as I said totally ‘sucks’; I’m in a state where every fear which I felt I conquered over the last 3 years has suddenly cropped up and left me paralysed to the extent where I’m scared to venture out. So sad!


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