I’m sorry, but you’ve been replaced.

Well, I know that it’s clearly been a while. But as the title indicates, sadly my journal writing habits have come back and due to the lack of internet access I have (I blame myself) I can’t really create time; though I would’ve liked.

Anyway, so the fairy jobmother came and went and told me that I stink. Obviously not quite literally, but I can’t help but feel that not getting the day surgery job was a good thing; for starters I was completely out of my comfort zone and not in a good way and secondly I wouldn’t get the patient contact I needed. Well, I accepted the fact that maybe it wasn’t meant to be; and then I got a call up for two jobs at Rugby. I didn’t even need to call them up, because only a few days later I got a call from a ward job. Not just any ward but the Respiratory ward, something which I have always been interested in. So, I called and went to have a look around and…I got it! It’s not quite official yet, I’m still waiting on CRB and references but I have a conditional offer. Although  I have an offer, I’m doubting things (so very typically me) but I’m going to deal with those when I have to.

One thing which I really want to talk about is the accident which took place on 12th November involving a family well known by the community. Tragically they lost their 5 year old daughter, and I just want to really put my condolences out there. I was completely taken when I heard the news and even more surprised by how much it affected me personally. I just hope the family can recover.

That’s all from me.


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