It’s not winter until you’re ill…

I sort of feel a little bad for my little old phone, it’s sadly been replaced; but there was only so much I could do with a faulty earpiece. A HTC wildfire S is now my new phone, I still need to switch my number over to the new Tesco network, which so far is faring a whole lot better than the Three network that I’ve been with. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

Anyway, as the title indicates; I’m not particularly on top form and above all that, I’m due to start my training and new job on the 17th of this month. Although the anxiety of what to expect is killing along with the painful agony of applying to med school; I find myself happy to lose my hours doing a job…and at this point in my life, I’m proud to say ANY job. The shear boredom has become far too much, and when you find yourself knowing everything that’s going on with TV; without even watching it, you know you’ve gone too far.

I think I may have to get myself an immunisation shot before I’ll be able to start officially, I’ve not been shot in the arm for just over 4 years now so I’m hoping I’ll not feel any pain. I’m not the squeamish type and in my line of work, you can’t really afford to be; but every now and then you feel a bit paranoid about pain, so that’s that. I hate that my nose is bunged up, it’s disgusting! To quote myself from last year ‘I feel mucusy’.

Yesterday, however was a nice distraction from feeling miserable and the fact that I’m going to be working 12.5hr days. I finally managed to book out a court to play badminton with my sister, and though neither of us are actually any good, I think I may have won our match. But we weren’t really keeping points. It was a good hour and I would love to go back and do it again the following weekend, despite the terrible shots we’d tried to play, it was fun and exhilarating to be out of the house and doing sports. I guess you don’t really appreciate P.E at school until you don’t get the opportunity to play and just get your heart pumping. Yumm Oxygen!

PS. I love this time of year, even if it means you need to fall ill. Can’t believe it’s going to be Christmas soon, and then New Years. Time really does go by fast.


One thought on “It’s not winter until you’re ill…

  1. […] All the pleasant signs of it being winter and my falling ill. Like I’ve said before ‘It’s not winter until you’re ill‘, and boy do I feel crabby and sick. Yikes, mouth feels unpleasant. You’d think […]


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