Blue versus. Blue

After the amazing victory achieved by the England cricket team in India. The first test series to be won there in the last 27 years! Incredible, that it’s taken so long for such a good team to defeat the Indian giants. However, the victory in my mind is definitely short lived; since the T20 match turned so sour after the fall of Luke Wright and Alex Hales. Too bad they lost. Perhaps it’ll be an eye opener and get the boys to focus again!

On a more personal note, I’ve had a true roller coaster of a week with training starting. Firstly, I hadn’t even received my contract and then on reaching there I wasn’t even on the training register! And that wasn’t even the worst part, the training was tedious and annoying and much of the time I was thinking why on Earth am I here? And to be honest I still think that. But I know that right now there are no alternatives, so bleurgh!

I don’t even know when I start my first shift! And I can’t get into contact with anyone from my ward! And to top off this miserable week, I have to get my HepB shot tomorrow.

PS. OMG I feel so incredibly tech savvy,  I’m currently using my new HTC wildfire S as a wi-fi hotspot! To all those who just chortled, I like to think that I’m taking this one incredibly tiny step at a time.


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