Life changes, circular I say…

I’m not one of those people who get all excited by the news of a baby, well not anymore. I’m now one of those people who think, who is baby replacing now? And no shock at all that today I hear of both a death and a to-be birth. I guess we just have to wonder what the big plan is, it’s not like we’re able to understand even a fraction of the things that happen.

So onto a happier less grim note, Miranda Hart! She is simply my favourite female comedian, she has me in knots every time! The new season of her tv show is on, and I love it! She’s so funny and amazing! A lot of things she does is just so normal to me hehe. So this is a HUGE shout out to anyone who reads this (I don’t expect many) to definitely watch some of her stuff or read her biography.

Watched ‘Only You’ last night; it is so me! I have imagined myself do what Faith does so many times, if only real life were like that hey?

PS. the circular part refers to something Plato said, not sure what. I’m not going to explain, so look it up.


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