I’ve got ‘Rapunzel’ on, line one…

Don’t you just hate when you’re feeling trapped; like you’re under every and any conceivably heavy object in the world. And it’s crushing all the hope out of you, but not in a quick pain free manner but in a horribly slow way?

Yes, I feel that way. And though to many people my predicament isn’t worthy of such feeling, to me it may well be the end of my world. But as most people would say it’s the way of life and you just have to rise out of it and pick yourself back up. Yes, it’s painful not to see the light at the end of the tunnel and yes it’s also painful to find yourself lost and you’re dreams shattered into a million pieces. But unless the World actually collapses on you (unlikely), or unless you actually give up on yourself (a lot more probable); the worst can be avoided at all costs, but it takes a lot of foresight to do that. You just need to have a little help, a kind voice; be it that of a teacher, a friend, or yourself. It’s enough to make you want to smile again, despite the weather. And who knows maybe you’re dreams are just on stand by for now, maybe there’s a better way to fulfill your ambitions. All I can say, is don’t give up. Because I can’t.

PS. There titular reference is to the fact that Rapunzel was trapped in a tower and was rescued by aide of a dashing fella’ (still looking for mine), but if you do decide to rescue me from my tower you’ll need a ladder. My hair isn’t nearly as long!


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