Umm, could I just please have things the way they are?

First of all let me state very clearly that I’m absolutely loving being at work and I can’t even express in words how much I missed uni! (Gosh, I’m feeling a little emotional now!) I’ve just been feeling a little blue lately; not feeling like I have a place to belong and so this is just great. Warwick is the one place I love and no matter where else I end up going it’s always going to be like home for me.

Speaking of home, lets just say that there have been a lot of changes, sudden changes lately and unfortunately I’m not the kind of person who can bear change very well. Especially changes which I don’t have a say in. So as manic and unsettled as things have been, I’ve been keeping my distance and trying to subconsciously put up with everything; except now the changes are going to be stepped up and I feel as though a tantrum will be coming up! I find it really tough to deal with changes, and it takes me a really long time to feel comfortable, but sudden changes don’t give you time and it’s all just far too overwhelming for a simple person like myself.

Before I get even more emotional, I think I’ll hit the brakes. Now let’s tap into some happy thoughts, I’m going to get paid to do something I really enjoy and I can finally escape my chaotic life, though ideally a nice holiday ALONE is what I would really prefer; but this’ll do!



2 thoughts on “Umm, could I just please have things the way they are?

  1. Sumaiyah says:

    As they say: A burden shared is a burden halved.. only a phone call away. I pray you feeling better by now 😀


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