A Nice Little Bit of Sunshine…or So I Thought

It’s always nice to have some sunshine, but those who know me will know that I’m not the biggest fan of the of the massive chemical reaction in the sky, but it wins me over. Especially when it literally makes campus look like one of those brochure images. And yes, I stand looking like a tourist taking pictures. And I will gladly do it again, so no laughing (ok, a little laughing, I stand there laughing at myself too.)

But then it started to rain again, making me regret parking 10 minutes away from the office building (What was I thinking? I knew the weather was going to get bad…) Basically I got soaked and then soggy, the latter being the worse of the two.

Though it may sound as a moan, I’m genuinely not complaining. In fact, having the rain come down was a little bit of a blessing, one which I didn’t mind getting very soggy about.

If I’ve got a picture of campus up, then whoo hoo, otherwise boo hoo.


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