‘Eat my shorts’

I was just pondering over the multitude of crazy situations I’ve found myself in over the years. And in total honesty, they’re all so bizzare if I wasn’t aware of the truth myself, I’d think that they were fictitious. But as surreal as they are, they’re very true (sometimes I wonder how??). I’m not sure what I gain from recalling those memories, some make me cringe and others make me laugh (though at the time, I was not in a laughing mood); perhaps it helps me to evaluate my life and decide whether or not keeping an open mind, will be of any use. An open mind is definitely something I’ll need in just over 6 weeks time, but having already made a strong opinion, it’s difficult to see me going into anything new with a mind other than closed.

PS. The title is just a homage to Bart Simpson. I’m really not inviting anyone to eat my short, mainly because I don’t wear shorts 😉


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