Ramble, ramble, ramble.

E. coli…(sigh). You know when you just feel like this is where you should be? Well that’s what it was like whilst I held that bottle of bacterial culture in my hand and continued on with a serial dilution. I think I was just happy to have not forgotten much the last 18 months. Though, I have to say there were plenty who didn’t really know what they were doing…which I have to admit did make me annoyed (internally…whilst an awkward smile covered my disappointment).

I know I’ll probably regret saying this pretty soon, but I sort of just want to get on with everything now. I’m a little tired of being eased back in; I guess it’s just the sort of person I am. I really don’t like wasting time (believe me, I’d know. I spent an entire year doing just that!); I just want to get my head down and get back in that ‘game’ everyone is always on about.

PS. Well, I’m sure the title is self-explanatory. If not, read through and give it a minute; hopefully you’ll get it.

PS(2): Sorry for the sarcasm. This time, I’m not being sarcastic 😀


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