I’m a ‘Click, Click, Click, Do, Do, Do’

I think this is the first post after actually settling down into the academic term, and I gotta say…I think I’m happy. No, I’m not trying to be ambiguous here, but I can’t really explain how I feel; is it mere contentment or am I genuinely happy? I think the latter has a bit more going for it.

The start of the term was incredibly slow, but it’s catching up smoothly now…I think. (Well, I’m not tearing my hair out just yet) I’ve got a couple of coursework deadlines lined up and I’m happy with my current approach with them (which also happens to the be the approach I’ve always taken, I won’t embarrass myself and say what it is…but you’ll probably be able to guess…if you can’t, just scroll down). Labs have been great, and really great since a major disaster was averted yesterday! Thank you C!

And it turns out, I talk a lot! Who knew! And laugh a lot too, I blame my A’s and B!

PS. The title is a reference to time management games…like ‘Diner Dash’

Oh and the answer…….(Drum roll) PROCRASTINATE


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