So one down and only five more to go…

Well it’s not long until the holidays, and for the first time since I can remember…I actually don’t want a holiday (yes, I’m aware that I’m strange). I actually like having things to do and importantly I like having a routine which I can follow. I suppose the thing which is keeping me happy, is knowing that I’ll have coursework to do for the start of next term…God! I’m so sad!

But, I do like working…so still, I’m a happy person. I’ve handed one piece of coursework in, the first piece. And I’m actually quite panicky about it, I have no idea what the expectations are and so that’s making me jumpy! Which in turn is also making it a little difficult to focus on the other pieces, though I’ve completed another piece but definitely not to satisfaction. There are still pieces of coursework which I can’t start…because we haven’t been given the titles!!!!

PS. If I’ve not made it evident, let me spell it out. I’m happy having the stress that involves being at Uni…I think I’ll always like that.


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