Home for the holidays…

So there’s clearly a lot going on this week; it’s the last week before the holidays and there are meltdowns on every corner (mainly me, everywhere I go). We’ve got coursework submissions due, drafts that need to be approved, incredibly flirtatious classmates, ignorant academics and sleep deprivation. The perfect recipe for a university student, just add coffee.

I know I said that I wanted a faster pace…I think we all know where this is going…I think I’d like things to slow down just a little bit. Maybe the holidays won’t be so bad, to be honest I think I need the break (you know there’s a problem when you sleep for 7 hours and you’re still tired).

But on the bright side (amongst all the fog), I think I have a better sense of direction now; I just need to act on my plans.

Good luck to me and anyone else who is half as confused as I am.

PS. Today was 11/12/13

(I got happy! Lame me)

Happy holidays!


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