Sadly, sometimes isn’t doesn’t take much to upset you; in fact, often I’m left wondering why I got upset in the first place! I think now is one of those times.  I feel crappy and maybe it has something to do with the epic failure that I’ve become (yeah, definitely has something to do with that), and the very fact that everything I’d planned has simply not materialised and left me gasping for air. Now, I know that this post is beginning to sound incredibly depressing, but I’m not upset all the time; in fact most of the time I’ve learned to embrace things as they come and make the most of what I have. But, every now and then you’re reminded of everything you thought you’d be and how none of it has happened…and let’s face it, it bums me out. I know the master planner is very good at his job, and I just have to let him get on with things!

No point interfering with a vastly complicated process that I won’t understand even if I try, best just to go with the flow.



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