Oh don’t just sit there!

Well, it’s been so long since I last wanted to post something and probably even longer since I last did! But for some strange reason, there seems not to be enough hours during the day and that’s even with me staying up later than usual (like right now). I feel like I have so much to do but for some reason or the other, no time in the world to do it. I’ve now had a weekly ‘to-do’ list since I started my course; and for the past four weeks I’ve had the same things repeated…to be honest I now feel like I’m just putting those down on the list, with no real intent of completing them.

It’s like I’m stuck in a really stupid Groundhog day scenario, but instead of improving my outcome based on the stuff I learn…I just keep forgetting the events of the day and wake up everyday with the same headache; which I can’t get rid of. Now, I had plenty of really funny things I wanted to share…but this stupid funk has made me forget everything! Including, how to just get on with life. I don’t just want to sit around sulking (like I am right now), I know I need to get on with EVERYTHING (even though currently it feels like there’s no point). But, what I really need is some massive catalyst to get me past my activation energy…whatever or whoever you are, you better show up soon!

PS. I’m hoping that looking back at the title might do me some good!


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