Oh to be politically correct…

You know when you just really want to say something, because if you don’t it’ll drive you insane? To the extend where you end up blogging about your frustration without focusing on what you’d initially started (yeah, definitely me right now!)

I’m not sure how I’m going to sound right now, but sometimes it’s just irritating not being able to say something because it would potentially upset someone for about a second…and because it’d probably be politically incorrect to say it in the manner it’s currently standing at in my head (someone should really check out the inside of my head…because if I could do it myself I would). So yeah, I thought I’d just share a little rant without giving too much away or being offensive (not sure if I’ve actually been offensive)…I’m literally bubbling over with things to say! But I can’t 😦

So I guess, I’ll just let myself scream on the inside, while having a slightly annoyed smile on my face. Not that they’ll notice because they’re so busy talking whilst I’m trying to work! I knew I should’ve stuck to my spot…Sheldon would be very disappointed.



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