So April huh? Crap, I don’t even have a week!

I figured that I post something quickly…no I’m not procrastinating, even though I’ve been stuck on the same thing for the last three days. You know when you were a kid and you heard the saying ‘Time flies’…did you ever picture ‘Time’ as some sort of superhero in a cape flying through the air? No? Well, I guess it was just me then! Strangely enough, it does fly…but it most certainly is no superhero dressed in some fancy lycra suit with a wicked cape…nope, it’s more like a supervillian with the power of procrastination! Yes procrastination is an evil power…in the wrong hands…OK, I feel like this post is becoming a little too weird, even for me! Back to normality. Basically, what I’m trying to say, is that yes I’m procrastinating (drops head). But it’s not my fault (I can just hear ‘that’s what everyone says’)! I have honestly been stuck going back and forth on one topic, it’s a good thing that I got everything else out of the way! And in this rocking ‘back and forth’…I’d totally lost track of time and it’s almost the end of April! I have less than a week before my first set of deadlines, I’ve yet to do anything about my future, I have my lab project starting soon and there is no way that I’m prepared for that (doesn’t help that my supervisor has cancelled my last three meetings!), and the dude sitting opposite me keeps coughing…anyone remotely familiar with ‘Sheldon’ from The Big Bang Theory, will know how I’m feeling! And the worst thing is that…I’ve not been able to read my book or carry on with my writing for months!

It doesn’t help that every time I want to distract myself, I come up with an awesome new chapter plot for my book…which I then forget, because I haven’t written it down! So basically, I’m screwed if I don’t write stuff down. But I honestly need to get my head down and finish EVERYTHING, because then I can move onto THE WORLD (referencing my boredom during my final year undergrad project)…I wanna write about Chelsea and her life!!!!

I just realised that this was supposed to be quick…whoops!


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