“It’s your heart, it won’t give up”

I’m always amazed at the weather here, it can pour down like you’re in the heart of India during the monsoon one day; and then be as bright and hot as a day in the UAE the next (because thankfully there’s no humidity! Well…very little). I suppose the weather is perfect in a sense…especially if you’re thinking ‘pathetic fallacy’ (God, I love that term!); the weather is having just as many mood swings as I am, and it’s nice to know that someone (or rather something) can relate.

I just feel like I’m losing the plot, literally. I haven’t been able to write properly in months, and I haven’t even had a chance to note down my ‘brain waves’; which means that any amazing monologue that I come up with for Chelsea…eventually just fades away into nothingness. Writing is freeing and to be honest, you need to be a little more than just free to write…and as much as I am absolutely craving to let all those creative juices just flow and get on with the 10K or so left, I’m bound by plenty of responsibilities…which I’d just like to forget. I just hope that by the time I’m done with the rest of these responsibilities, my idea tank hasn’t run dry…because that would honestly just be the final nail in Chelsea’s coffin. Therefore forever leaving it as ‘unfinished business’. Ooh…it’d be a literary ghost!


PS. The title refers to something A said to me, makes far more sense in context. You had to be there.


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