Costcutters, Subway…Nandos, Pizza Hut?? But where to have lunch?

Sometimes we can become so befuddled with the options surrounding us, that we can no longer rationally reason anything. That is the case with absolutely everything with me lately, I can’t seem to form a solid opinion on anything…absolutely nothing, zilch! But perhaps this confusion and apathy towards anything truly productive is nothing but an illusion, perhaps the truth is that there is nothing truly worth a decision…though if I were being honest, as much as I’d like to believe that this is the case, I think we all know what’s more probable. Especially since I’ve now become the Queen of Indecision.


Whether a decision involves deciding what to eat or where to eat lunch, what I’m going to wear or importantly…what I’m going to do with my life; all of these decision seem to put me off deciding what I ought to be doing. And being that previously, I was always ahead of myself, always knowing what I’m heading towards or what I’m going to do…it’s a little unnerving. I don’t want to be apathetic towards anything in life, but it seems like the easiest way out and being that everything is so complicated, it’s the only thing that’s easy.


And now I just want to go to Pizza Hut and eat lunch…though when that’ll happen, I have no idea!


PS. The title refers to a ‘coded’ version of a conversation I had last week. Yes, I have coded conversations with my friends. Yes, I AM twelve!


Not actually twelve 🙂


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