“There’s light at the end of the tunnel”…well, confocal light.

So it’s unofficially confirmed, I’ve completed the ‘taught’ aspect of my taught Masters; just the dissertation left now, a nice 15000 words…definitely looking forward to that (shakes head side to side). I’m going to go back and use that horrid cliché, but it’s true…the last six weeks have definitely been a roller coaster ride, with more higher highs and even lower lows, not forgetting a couple of loop-de-loops too! And to top the whole thing off, just add hayfever into the mix. Perfect, a complete mess of everything; just what I expected to get after spending a whole heap of my parents’ cash on my education.


It’s not like I absolutely hated what little academia we had the last six weeks, in fact I think I may have learnt more these last six weeks than I have the entire academic year. I’m proud to say that I really pushed myself to make the most of the last few weeks, though let’s just say not everyone shares the same sentiment; and it’s really something I’d rather not depress myself with again and again and again. You know when you really need your friends to count on and be there for you, and they just don’t get you and leave you in the lurch like everyone else…that really sucks. But I’m not the type of person to hold a grudge, in fact I’m the kind who will make herself look stupid and apologise (even when not at fault…a true Brit) if it means that things are no longer awkward. This is all for you A! The worst thing is that, I never asked for any of this; it just happened and it’s not like I’m over the moon with what’s going on. On the contrary, I’m actually overwhelmed and a little intimidated with all the attention I’m getting, and to make matters just that little bit more awkward I have a major decision to make at the end of all this which means that someone is going to be upset this coming Friday…and that’s not something I want to do.


I know things sound incredibly cryptic, but just bear with me patiently! I’ll soon let you know the thorn in my foot…more like my brain, but hey ho!



PS. Confocal microscopes are super awesome and produce the most amazing pictures, yeay for Alexa-Fluor antibodies. Whoop, whoop! Will defo put up some of my images, once I convert them to .jpeg! Toodles!


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