Why can’t it always be like this?

As we’ve now completed the first portion of the blessed month of Ramadhan, I feel great and not just because my brothers are leading congregation this year (mashaAllah!), but because I always love this feeling that Ramadhan brings…the feeling of unity, of happiness, of thinking about your fellow man (and woman) and importantly, of realising that without divine intervention; you will not get anywhere (more on that later). What I don’t understand is why we aren’t always like this, why does it have to take a month for us to realise that being nice to people is a nice feeling? Why can’t we always want the best for each and bring the best out of each other? These are questions which have been whizzing around in my mind, this is the one month of the year where I see everyone smile the most…but I want this ‘Ramadhan’ feeling to never go away; and for that to happen…EVERYONE needs to be mindful of keeping that feeling ‘alive’.

I know that the month of Ramadhan is special and that’s why it ignites these feelings in our hearts, but I honestly believe that the month of Ramadhan is here as a wake up call to tell us that we’re not doing this all year round…and we should be! We shouldn’t just be mindful of our tongues, our sight, our day-to-day activities whilst fasting alone; we should constantly be mindful of everything we do. Because everything we do is an invitation into our lives, as an example of a Muslim. When you step out of the house, sure you represent yourself…but in the Western world, you also represent something much bigger, and that is your religion!

So my parting words are… be mindful of your conduct always. Don’t wait until the month of Ramadhan to have to remind yourself how to behave; in fact take this month as your ‘recharge’ point; take it as the time of the year where you can just sigh and collect yourself again, not the time of year where you re-invent yourself only to be lost in the sea of worldly desires. Centre yourself and it’ll be the best thing you could possibly do for yourself. I realise that this is beginning to sound philosophical so I’ll just summarise my message. You can always be the person you are in Ramadhan, so be your best always and be grateful of the bounties bestowed on you…and importantly pray for Ramadhan always; so that you can extinguish all the ‘bad’ in you and become humble.

I really do wish this lasts all year, it’s my ‘thing’ to do this year…inshaAllah. Ramadhan Kareem. This message is just as much for me as it is for everyone else 🙂


PS. I have some major news, but I really want this message to stand alone…so I’ll post it next time (inshaAllah).


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