Only 10 days left until the submission deadline and I am honestly losing steam…15000 words take a lot more out of a person than I’d initially imagined! I am completely beat today…wrote 2400 words, which doesn’t seem like a lot…especially since my target is a good 15000 words. But still it’s better than nothing. Now the reason for my post…the best there ever was…procrastination. And as a seasoned veteran of a ‘sport’ that I’ve become a champion in, I can say with total honesty…that this is probably the nicest way to procrastinate…because I still get some inspiration from spilling out the contents of my butchered mind, and sometimes that’s all you need to push on ahead.

The only problem is…is that I’ve got this idea in my mind, which is saying, no screaming to me that if I don’t do that; I’m not going to be motivated. No, I don’t mean drugs or smoking or anything like that…for me it’s a lot worse; and I’m better off avoiding it. So I’m going to try and avoid ‘It’ and hopefully (God please!) get on with my dissertation…even though I’m actually missing some data and my supervisor is M.I.A

I probably shouldn’t post until after the submission deadline…but who knows…maybe I’ll need to spill the contents of my butchered mind once more to get some inspiration. Until then.


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