The Fundamentals of Stupid.

Now I know I said that I shouldn’t post until after the 18th (deadline)…but that was only a suggestion, and there’s plenty of room to ignore them. I won’t get too pleased with myself…but I’ve actually managed to write nearly 11000 words in the past 7 days, which seems like a monstrous feat for someone who’d only last week realised that the deadline was fast approaching. And sitting here with my discussion opened up in the background, my mind has definitely turned to mush…I mean mush like ‘mushy peas’! So I think that it’s only fair that I give myself some respite and what better than to share the insides of  my dismantled mind. So, stupidity…how many of us can honestly say that we haven’t done something so incredibly stupid that it still makes us cringe? Well? I for one can’t raise my hand there, because over the course of my existence; I’ve somehow always managed to get myself in some sort of sticky ‘stupid’ situation or other…and yes there are so many that I’ve now lost count of how many and how stupid. But those experiences have moulded me as the person I stand today…yes those memories induce nausea and syncope…but they’re still a part of me. I guess the fact that I know that certain things are stupid, yet I have no regret of those stupid actions; is a fundamental of being stupid. And because that’s the case, I’m happy to declare…that I am stupid. So, I don’t think anyone should be particularly offended if ever called stupid, it’s basically just like someone telling you that yesterday was a Saturday (it was).


Now, there’s definitely a reason for me declaring my stupidity…that too publicly. I think I mentioned ‘divine intervention’ previously (obviously I did, this is just sarcasm)…well let’s just say that the two are related. Well, I’m not going to divulge just yet…I still have another 4000 words to do! Toodles.


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