It’s all hunky-dory now

A little over a week has gone since the ‘end’ of my MSc, marked by the completion of my dissertation. But I’m so incredibly bored! I’m not the type of person to be able sit still, and though I may sound incredibly lame and sad (both terms I used to describe myself in that ‘Godly’ interview)…I like having something to do; especially if that something is ‘school’ related…yes, I just referred to university as school, and believe me, if you were me, you’d say exactly the same thing. I am so incredibly lame, that I keep checking my emails…even though they’re set-up to come through to me straight away; and I’ve been stalking the intranet pages of my course as well! I really need another hobby…not to imply that stalking is a hobby, although I am actually quite good at it. I’ve even finished reading that Mark Billingham book…and just started the 10th one too. It’s all very miserable here at my end, not least helped by the weather, which has dramatically changed in the last week or so. And of course a change in weather is usually accompanied by a change in immune status…yep, I’m feverish, slightly phlegmy (or ‘mucusy’) and feeling increasingly nauseated as the days wear on.


This feeling ‘crappy’ in ‘crappy’ weather, is enough to virtually abolish any tolerance I have with half of those who surround me. So basically, if you see me with a runny nose…run. Because you’ll end up irritating me even by breathing! Now I know that it sounds harsh, but I’m genuinely really bored and that means I have fewer distractions in my life. I’ll probably end up regretting this ‘boredom/freedom’ in a few weeks from now, but I just want to get on with things. Even the PhD that I’m still not quite sure about…in fact I’ve now taken the liberty to start planning ahead, I want to do what I want to do and that means having an ‘action plan’. But I’ll need C to back me up on this, and being that I’ve not spoken to him in almost 2 months…well, it’ll be a little awkward trying to strike up that conversation. But, this planning is definitely turning out to be a silver lining, though I’m now worried that I’m just getting my hopes up high; only to come crashing back down to reality if they don’t gel with my supervisor.


I think it goes without saying that I’m beyond irritable right now, and no I’m not blaming this on the ‘time of the month’. Maybe A is right, maybe I’m angry or frustrated with something else and this is just being projected onto what’s around me at the present i.e. my family, who I love; but at the same time I can’t stand. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but seriously…hats off to those who can live with their families every day…I love mine, but I know for I fact that I couldn’t cope, even if I tried. And I’m not one for trying in that particular field, give me microRNAs any day and I’ll be there until the end of the decade…but families, marriage, life…all very taboo for me.




PS. Title is so incredibly sarcastic, in fact it’s so sarcastic that I can’t even muster the right tone for it. Blame the phlegm.



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