Just swallow it whole…

Well, I only have hours until I officially ’embark’ on my PhD adventure…may it be a good one (iA). It wasn’t until Thursday that I was actually informed that ‘no you start this coming Monday…not the 22nd’; now I’d known to expect some hiccups but what I wasn’t expecting was the fact that they’d put me down for the wrong research project! Yes! They’d put me down for the project that broke my heart…because it was the one that had it’s funding removed! I had to call up and get them to change the particulars, but even then they’ve not done that properly. I guess it was silly of me to expect anything substantially different, after suffering with this lot for a year…how did I expect any different? Oh and they’ve also managed to lose the hard copy of everyone’s dissertation! Yes, they’ve lost them! I’ve been trying to chase up someone to get a hold of my work but…only dead ends, though in all honesty K and T have been trying to locate them.

But that’s not why I’m feeling so bizarrely ‘off’…I actually feel nervous. Truly nervous. Like butterflies in my gut flying out of control. Why on Earth do I have this feeling? It’s not like I’m going back to something entirely alien? It’s just a research project…that will dictate the rest of my professional life (huh, intense). But even that isn’t so scary, it’s the stupid ice breaker activities and ‘introduce yourself’ crap that I hate. I really hate having to do that ‘say something interesting’ about yourself malarkey, it just feels so annoying…small talk, aahhh. So tedious and irritating, like I’ve said to S…if it gets even a little bit annoying, then I am outta there ASAP! Trust me, things like that make me cranky. I like spontaneity and I really think that networking shouldn’t be a forced thing…they should just let it happen! I was going to mention another of my funnier flashbacks…but I figured that I’ll just put up a separate post for that. The one experience that made me who I am! Love it. And yes SD, I will try my absolute best to keep it short…but you can’t rush memories!



PS. The title is in reference to something I saw on National Geographic…absolutely disgusting.


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