‘There’s no room for you Doubt. Leave, or else Adam will kick you to base’

There often moments in life which make you question yourself, even if you really don’t need to question yourself at all. In fact, all this ‘questioning’ can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated…and that can never be a good thing for anyone, especially if you already have anxiety issues. Now, I’m actually sitting here in the lab, hearing the KHB dripping from my apparatus and I’m thinking to myself ‘I know that it’ll be ok, I’ve issues settling down…but once that’s dealt with, it’ll be ok’. Any other day, that sort of thinking wouldn’t go down so well, because why should things only be ok? Things should be great in my opinion, and it still is my opinion…but today, I am demonstrating a great degree of leniency. Mainly because I’ve been feeling a little strange since last evening…throat feeling as though it has been lacerated and just general malaise. All the pleasant signs of it being winter and my falling ill. Like I’ve said before ‘It’s not winter until you’re ill‘, and boy do I feel crabby and sick. Yikes, mouth feels unpleasant. You’d think it’d be something to do with the lab, but it’s definitely not. I’ve come across a lot of ‘under the weather’ individuals lately, and I think they subconsciously felt like sharing their experience. Well, all I can say is that I will be ferociously admiring my Lockets and Beechams stock pile when I get home…which isn’t for another hour and a half. I will be, well and truly beat by that time. Not due to extensive physical exertion or even mental exertion, mainly from sitting around and watching the clock…not at all stimulating.   Oh well, it’s a good thing I’ve got my phone with me…I’ve been photographing a lot of my workstation etc. I’ll see if there’s anything worth sharing in the next post. Parting words: tired, feeling sick, and figuring out how to touch ‘base’ 🙂

PS. The title is just one of several conversations that occur in my head. Not to worry though.


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