Graduation…take 2

I’d not given graduation much thought and that seems to be an established pattern. I’d not really been very much into my undergrad graduation (something I wish I’d given more thought to), probably because of the excitement of going for umrah only 2 days later. But I feel like I have to make the most of this coming graduation.

Trust me, if I had any choice in the matter…I wouldn’t be going at all, I’d happily sit in my lab (hoping that my order came through, so that I could continue experimenting)…but my parents are adamant that I go to the ceremony. I guess it’ll be nice to see everyone again…well mostly everyone. There are at least 2 people that I’m not looking forward to seeing; someone who hates me for ‘stealing their thunder’ (wth! simply stupid) and someone who is a bit stalkerish and definitely very creepy (yikes)!

Oh well, as for now…I’m stuck with the ever confounding question as to ‘what to wear?’ Perhaps focussing on what to wear will distract me from the potential nerves that generally creep in around now. (Shhh…don’t let me know that this is a tactical move!)


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