Snow. No Snow

It’s approaching the end of the year…that majestic time, when you begin to ponder about the usefulness of the year that is flying by. I know that this will sound cliché, but this year really went quickly. And I’m at a loss as to how I’ve spent this year productively…yeah, sure I’ve completed an MSc with distinction and sure I’ve started a PhD. But I’ve been idle the past few weeks with no experiments to speak of and no contact with anyone from my supervisory team. In my mind, this is all terrible management but I seem to be the sole person to think this. (Sigh). I feel deflated, and not just because I think I might be coming down with something (darn you cortisol!); but because I genuinely feel like no matter how much effort I put into this project, I’ll not reap any rewards without some cooperation from the ‘powers that be’.

You know if it snowed a little, I might just feel a little perkier…oh well! Depressed for now it is!

PS. Title refers to the false meteorological statement made by the phone, indicating that it would snow. But alas, there is no sign of it!


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