Squeak, squeak

I feel so overwhelmed today, and emotionally unstable. I know we all have those days, but today’s Tuesday was truly as terrifying as it was dubbed.

I did something I’d been meaning to for a while (two somethings actually). But, I don’t know how to react; I feel a lot more rattled than I’d ever imagined and that’s affecting my ability to judge things (the other something). I feel lost without my laptop…don’t know how long it’ll be until I get it back…so this might be the last post of 2014. If I can post again, I will. But if I can’t…then I hope everyone has an amazing last few days of 2014, and let’s rise to all occasions for the next year 🙂

PS. Those of you who know me in person may be able to work out what the title means. ‘No, I love you both’…a statement for another post…maybe 🙂


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