A late start to the new year

It’s been a few days since I’ve been back, but I’m still finding it hard to adjust to life again. It’s incredible how just a two week change of routine can completely throw you off course. I’m now thinking that I may be experiencing jet lag…though in total honesty, the dreary weather has not helped at all and neither is the fact that I’ve got a horrid cough and feel like my head is completely bunged up. Gosh, the weather there was incredible and the experience was a million times better than I could possibly describe. I don’t even want to try to explain or describe anything because there’d be no justice; so everything will remain a beautiful memory just for me to keep inside my mind.

As for the new year…well…I usually put up a post a couple of days earlier than right now but I feel so incredibly lethargic that I simply can’t be bothered with anything. I’m due back at uni tomorrow and that means more ‘squeak, squeak’ and actually having to use my head. No, not for my project…but for the teaching workshops that I’m starting on Monday, having checked the several emails I’d received; I’ve now to make clear which module I plan on teaching, however this isn’t something I’ve discussed at all! So basically I’m completely clueless and hoping that I can think on my feet a little more once I get going tomorrow. As for now, I just want to sleep and feel 100% again.


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