Christopher’s Honeybee

The past week has been complete chaos and calm, all in one…though I struggle to think how the latter was addressed. Often we ask for something and never is it handed to us. We have to struggle and earn it, and yes there are times when you sit around and wonder “why on earth is this possibly happening to me?”. But it’s only then when something hits you, like an arrow hitting it’s target…and suddenly everything makes sense. I’ve had to deal with a less than communicative supervisor because I wanted to be able to stand up for myself and do something. I’ll explain. The past week has involved a lot of bureaucracy and babysitting…and of course, a very ‘off the hinge’ version of me.

Now, I’d rather not re-live the week I’ve deemed ‘hellish’, but I’ll summarise and say that actions make an impact. Standing up for yourself means that something will happen, and usually that is a good something. Something that involves change. Now, I know that I’m not the most accepting of changes; but dealing with changes is a sign of maturity, and being that I’ve aged a decade last week…it’s come with the territory. So all in all, I’m being hailed as the courageous girl who spoke up and all of my colleagues (aside from one) have been very supportive. Yes, I do feel a little anxious around my supervisor; but he seems to have turned a leaf (we’ll see how it pans out). You might be wondering where the calm lies amongst this chaos? And in a very sad and partly morbid way…it lies in a hospice. A place which made me realise particularly quickly that the problems I have been so anxious (near meltdown-worthy) about aren’t truly issues worth such thought. So, I’m here today…thankful for all my experiences despite what they may seem at the time; and glad that I could finally focus on my own research.

So…my parting ‘phrases’…I don’t want to marry potato-head (despite what my dreams tell me), “Christmas” seems to last forever and probably will, my name apparently is very popular to sing and yes, I do indeed rock!

PS. The titular reference is to a crystallisation robot (yes, sounds awesome). And to those who know me, it’s not who you think it is 🙂



EDIT: this link may help with the titular reference somewhat 🙂


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