‘Shake head side to side’

Ranting is almost second nature to me now, and I’d like to believe that I’ve embraced it with its true potential; since most of the posts from this ‘new’ year seem heavy with one particular underlying tone. This will probably be no different. There is an awful lot going on right now, so much so…that I’ve actually had to write in my diary to plan ahead for the next month (throws the whole ‘go with the flow’ concept right out of the window!). I’m almost regretting having to do so, since my planning ahead has so far gotten me no where near my goal. But there’s quite a part of me that’s screaming optimism. I feel like anything that could’ve caused me an issue, probably already has and so there’s some hope of sticking to a plan.


So the coming month is all planned out, and I’m really hoping to stick to it! We’ll just see.


PS. Titular reference: The ‘duck pose face’. A quick Google search will explain what I’m talking about. (Shakes head side to side).


One thought on “‘Shake head side to side’

  1. nazraqueen says:

    Definitely regretting planning ahead…Monday morning has started off awful…3 words: crash, locked, sad.


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